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Academic Requirements and Evaluation Procedures for Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

B.Tech. Programme

(Effective for the students admitted into I year B.Tech. from the Academic Year 2015-16 and onwards)

B.Tech. Programme Structure: The B.Tech. Programmes of ANUBOSE INSTITUTE OF TECHNNOLOGY,Palwancha are of Semester pattern, with 8 Semesters constituting 4 Academic Years, each Academic Year having TWO Semesters. Each Semester is structured to provide typically 24 Credits totalling to 192 Credits for the entire B.Tech. Programme.

Credit Courses: Credits shall be assigned to each Subject/ Course in a L: T: P: C (Lecture Periods: Tutorial Periods: Practical’s Periods: Credits) structure, for One hour/ Week/ Semester for Theory/ Lecture (L) Courses.

Attendance Requirements:   A student shall be eligible to appear for Semester End Evaluation (SEE), if he/she acquires a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate of all the courses for that semester. Condoning of shortage of attendance in aggregate up to 10% in each semester may be granted by the College Academic Committee on genuine and valid grounds, based on the student’s representation with supporting evidence. A stipulated fee shall be payable towards condoning of shortage of attendance. Shortage of attendance below 65% in aggregate shall in NO case be condoned. Students, with attendance below 65 %, are not eligible to take their SEE and they get detained and their registration for that Semester stands cancelled.

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